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Nearly 70% of people who apply for SSDI benefits are denied every year. Don't be one of them!

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Don't let paperwork problems prevent you from obtaining the hundreds or THOUSANDS of dollars you may be owed.

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Every year, more than over 2.3 million Americans apply for SSDI benefits every year. And every year, 31% are denied for technical errors on their applications such as lack of specific information or missing records.

Experience in Fighting SSDI Denials

Here are the facts: Only 26% of initial SSDI Disability applications get approved. The rest are denied on technical or substantive grounds. What's more, only 9.9% of people initially denied will receive benefits. You need experienced advocates who understand the complicated Social Security bureaucracy.

Once Approved – Don’t Lose Benefits

Make sure there is not temporary suspension of benefits due to turning 18, increases in income or assets or changing in living ages.

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